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Tadios Ordered to Help Pay for Attorney Fees
GREAT FALLS, Mont. (NMB) - The former CEO of the Rocky Boy Health Clinic accused of embezzling over $50,000 in federal funds has been ordered to pay a portion of the costs for her attorney. Fawn Tadios (TAH-dee-OHS) had previously fired four different court-appointed lawyers and had resorted to representing herself before prosecutors challenged her ability to pay for an attorney.

On Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Great Falls, Judge Brian Morris ordered Tadios to pay $500 a month for the legal services of attorney E. June Lord of Great Falls. Judge Morris concluded that Tadios' 2012 income of more than $100,000, coupled with her husband Jake Parker's yearly wages of $50,000 was more than enough financial support to help pay.

Judge Morris also vacated all previous hearing and trial dates, and re-scheduled Tadios' trial for June 25th at 9:00 AM.

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Changes Upcoming for Monthly Recycle Drive
HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) - On the third Saturday of each month, a recycle drive is held by Recycle Hi-Line. A slight change to the schedule has been made for April, though. Normally, the drive would take place tomorrow, but officials decided to move it back a week because Easter is this weekend. The monthly drive will instead be held next Saturday, April 26th, in conjunction with the Havre PRIDE community cleanup day.

Over the past few months, the drive has been held at the Holiday Village Mall, but Recycle Hi-Line Chair Candi Zion says a new location will be utilized beginning with next week's drive.

"We're going to have our spring and summer hours now, and that will be at Pacific Steel and Recycling. And that's fantastic, since they're the people that take all of our metals and cardboard paper, so the site is just absolutely perfect for that."

For more information about recycling on the Hi-Line, you can call Zion at 265-9533.

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Public Meeting Scheduled for Future Water Plan
HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) - The Lower Missouri River Basin Advisory Council has completed a draft report of recommendations it will forward to the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation at the end of May. Before the report is submitted, though, a series of meetings will conducted around the basin to allow the public to comment on the recommendations.

Among the 4 stops for public comment is a meeting in Havre on May 6th at the Great Northern Inn. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM and is expected to last two hours.

This project began in the summer of 2013, and will culminate in a statewide water plan that will be presented to the 2015 state Legislature.

Meetings will also be held in Harlowton, Lewistown and Wolf Point.

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Torgerson's Donates Tools to MSUN Students
HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) - On Thursday morning, Torgerson's and Case IH made a sizable donation to Montana State University-Northern. Torgerson's CEO Brian Torgerson says nearly $20,000 in equipment was given to Northern.

"Torgerson's is proud to continue the sponsorship and the partnership with MSU-Northern. We're just adding to that with basically a complete tool kit, from A to Z, to complete a bay from one end to the other."

Dean of the College of Technical Sciences Greg Kegel says the MSUN students came away impressed with the new tools.

"Equipment and instrumentation is the center part of any academic program. So, the kids needed it, and when they see stuff like this...This is brand new, and its shiny, and its nice, and it will be well-received by the students."

Torgerson's and MSUN have worked together over the last several years. Torgerson's has provided over $1 million in equipment for classroom labs and projects, while Northern has become Torgerson's top source for technicians and other positions.

(Copyright 2014 New Media Broadcasters. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)
More Plea Deals Coming in Rocky Boy Theft Cases
GREAT FALLS, Mont. (NMB) - Another defendant in a string of embezzlement, fraud and bribery cases on the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation has made a plea deal with federal prosecutors. James Eastlick, Sr. filed a motion to change his plea in U.S. District Court in Great Falls on Wednesday. Details of the plea agreement are not available at this time. District Judge Brian Morris set the change of plea hearing for April 21st.

Eastlick's daughter Tammy Leischner and her husband Mark have also been indicted on similar charges. Tammy Leischner asked for an extension before she enters into a plea agreement. She is awaiting evidence that may be in her favor.

According to the motion filed by Leischner's lawyer, her brother and co-conspirator, James Eastlick, Jr., told prosecutors that he signed Leischner's name to a contract and had submitted an invoice to Northwest Pipe from his sister's email account. Prosecutors allege that he contract and invoice in question are fraudulent.

Judge Morris granted Leischner's request.

(Copyright 2014 New Media Broadcasters. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)
MSUN Excellence Award, Athletic HOF Recepients Announced
HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) - The Montana State University-Northern Foundation and Alumni Association have announced the recipients and inductees for the Founder's Excellence Award and Athletic Hall of Fame.

Tom Patrick, lifelong resident of Havre and owner of Patrick Construction, will receive this year's Excellence Award. Four-time All-American wrestler Kyle Fisher and former Lights wide receiver Andy Smith will be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

They will be honored at the Founders' Excellence and Hall of Fame Dinner on Friday, May 2nd. Tickets are $30 each. To RSVP, call the Foundation Office at 265-3711 before 5:00 PM on April 24th.

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State Legislators Travel to Havre for Listening Tour
HAVRE, Mont. (NMB) - Next Wednesday, a handful of state Democrats will be in Havre as part of their statewide Legislative Listening Tour. They will meet with city and county officials, as well as members of the public. State Senator Greg Jergeson says some of the Legislators are coming from as far away as Missoula and Butte. He says this will give local residents a chance to talk about issues with leaders who may not hear about them otherwise.

"It's not the easiest thing in the world. We're on the edge of the isolated part of Montana, and so from here and then east, it's just tough to get them up here because they don't appreciate, really, what a vital part of the whole state this is."

He gives us a sampling of the Legislators who will be in attendance.

"Jon Sesso from Butte, who is the Senate Majority Leader. Cliff Larson from Missoula, who is the Whip. Representative Chuck Hunter, who is the House Minority Leader. And locally, Clarena Brockie and I will be in attendance, as well."

Here is a schedule of events:


6:00-9:00 PM - Pot luck barbecue at Greg Jergeson's (818 5th St)

RSVP for the pot luck at 265-8023 and please bring a side dish


7:00-8:00 AM - Breakfast with Labor (N. MT Hospital Conference Room, 2nd Floor)

8:15-9:15 AM - Hard hat tour of new N. MT Hospital Family Medical Center (Legislators only)

9:30-10:00 AM - Hard hat tour of new Bullhook Clinic (Legislators only)

10:00-11:15 AM - Health Care Issues (Patterson Room, City Hall)

11:15 AM-12:00 PM - Local Government Infrastructure and Services (Patterson Room, City Hall)

12:00-1:00 PM - Lunch with Local Business Leaders (Guadalajara Restaurant)

1:15-2:15 PM - Agriculture Value Added and Transportation Isues (Hensler Auditorium, MSUN Campus)

2:30-3:15 PM - Tour of MSUN Auto/Diesel building project (Legislators only)

3:30-5:00 PM - Education Issues (303 Cowan Hall, MSUN Campus)

5:30 PM - Legislators depart for Great Falls

(Copyright 2014 New Media Broadcasters. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)
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